A healthier future for all

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A healthier future for all


A healthier future for all

Welcome to Eminat Research Group

We are committed to furthering the standard of medical knowledge by way of meticulous and insightful clinical research studies. We surpass current standards in excellence with a well-qualified group of investigators who take on studies of higher complexity and sophistication.

We are dedicated to the very fine points of clinical research and our depth of knowledge sets us apart. Our unparalleled pursuit of excellence is evident in our innovative strategy for designing and executing clinical trials that play a role in shaping the ever-changing healthcare

Come along with us on a journey toward where expertise meets innovation, and where dedication to excellence delivers breakthroughs that drive the stakes up in patient care. Eminat
Research Group – where knowledge like you’ve never witnessed shapes the future of clinical

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Quality is our paramount value

Our qualified and ardent team of investigators, clinical research coordinators, technologists, and specialists provide strong support throughout the complete process.

“The Eminat Team operates as a global family, that focuses on solutions, to serve our patients and the clinical research industry.”

Sandra V. Negrete

Founder and CEO of Eminat Research Group

23 years

of experience


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